Sometimes the only thing we need is for someone to tell us, "everything is gonna be okay."

A lot of the time that's enough.

I have created the opportunity for you to have the support you need anytime. A personalized recorded message with beautiful soothing music, calming voice and your own 'issues' being directly addressed.

Reminding you of who you truly are.

Receive a 15 minute consultation and a powerful, customized guided meditation created just for you. This is an incredible gift for yourself and those you love.

I am offering these customized guided meditations for a short time.

One of my very happy clients put it this way,

"Imagine waking up and hearing a soothing voice calling you by name, inviting you to listen and receive.

This voice begins to tell you about familiar thoughts close to your own heart, and kindly guides you through a deeply moving meditation.

She welcomes you home to yourself with such ease and sincerity, that you are indeed taken deep within to rest, to just be in the moment with intuitively chosen words.

The love and care in her words are reminders of who you are. The message may be universal, but Valerie's meditations have a unique and profound effect of speaking directly to your very own heart.

It is truly a gift to oneself to listen to her meditations, to be welcomed home so graciously."

You can hear an example here - not custom, but filled with love.

Special price of $50 makes this a perfect gift for you and those you love. Includes a 15 minute consultation and recorded meditation in mp3 format.


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