Beginners this is pretty much a perfect movie for me, love and humor and life and death.

The Civilization of Maxwell Bright you will most likely ask yourself upon watching the begining of this film, "why?!", just keep watching.

What About Me? From the masterful creators of 1Giant Leap.

I watched Amelie again...I loved it as much as the first time.

One of my all time favorites Stranger Than Fiction. I love this move.


"We have a responsibility to awe".

Thomas brings me so much joy!

Jim Carrey speaks my truth.

Check out Jeremy Rifkin's 7 minutes of truth that can change the world

Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein - I love his way a weaving the heart into a new view of energy exchange

Oh, the places you'll go...

Trees, they are the role models

There is something so soothing about Alan Watts.

Making things happen...great Ted Talk with Scott Belsky

 A beautiful reminder of where we come from.

I love Dave