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Sessions are a unique experience of energy clearing, clarifying intentions and revealing your soul gifts. Our time together is led by what is ready to transform in you. Your energy will guide the healing journey.

Much can happen in a very short time, energy does not live in time and space. It is not necessary to retell the stories that created the patterns, the wounds or the confusion.

The deep and powerful work occurs with the intention to let that which no longer serves, be released, instantly revealing the truth of your authentic and innate self. Nothing to do, simply to allow yourself to emerge.

Every session is a compassionate listening to take the path of least resistance beyond your mind right to the energy that is holding you back, in any way, from being who you are meant to be.

I have been called a shaman, a gifted healer, an intuitive. I utilize energy medicine, invocation of spirit, sound and scents to assist in rapid change.

Individual sessions available in person, FaceTime, Skype or phone.