You are motivated and ready for spectacular change toward the life you feel is waiting for you. The one where your heart and body are happy to be alive.

The life where you have time, energy and clarity to nourish and care for yourself, your dreams and the people you love. You are ready to put forth your greatest gifts gracefully.

as much
as anybody
in the entire universe,
your love

Perhaps your focus has been weighted toward caring for others - loved children or a company that does not feed your soul. The yearning for your own truth and authenticity is knocking, more loudly every day.

The truth is that the world is calling for your gifts, it is magnetizing them to the surface. Why? Because your gifts are needed. Your unique voice, message, presence, creative ways are just what is required for the world to come into more harmony and peace.

Your heart brought you here. Your heart will bring you home to yourself.

When we give the world what we want the most, we heal the broken part inside each of us. –Eve Ensler