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Finding your way begins with trust.

The art is to trust yourself and your timing all the way through to your bones so no one can sway you from the truth of yourself. 

You are living it into creation with each breath, every thought and action.

Only you know the perfection of your unfolding story and gifts.

It's yours to feel your way into.

I'm here to help you find your way.

your embodied brilliance is ready to lead you



My Work

There is a natural evolution of our lives that contains many stories and experiences.

Our bodies hold our history, all the beautiful and challenging.

When we are unable to feel and resolve what has occurred, we become rigid in our bodies, our minds, our emotions and even in spirit.

Releasing these patterns of energy frees us to express our innate brilliance and creative gifts.

We are not in need of fixing, we are not broken.

We have only forgotten who we are.


Here are a few foundational teachings we will be drawing from:

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somatic intelligence + Lucid Embodiment

This work is about reconnecting to our senses with compassionate attention.

This felt-sense illuminates our own unique path in life while unraveling the stories held long in our sacred bodies.

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Honoring the feminine + masculine

We all have both masculine and feminine energy, its non-gender specific.

Masculine being action and goal oriented. The Feminine is fluid, responsive and creative.


master-level communication

When we communicate well with self and others, there is an opening for resolution and understanding.

In connection we are capable of so much more than we know.


cultivating creativity + purpose

Our creative genius wants to come fully out.

It’s patient, yet fierce and unyielding looking for ways to be of service in the world.


What you want lives at the edge of your comfort zone



Retreats, Groups & Workshops

When we give ourselves time to disengage from our daily routines there is space for something new to emerge.

Whether it's a few hours or a week-long retreat it's a gift of the possible to that which is ready to come forth.

An opening to let the light of your authenticity reveal itself without expectation.

It's a crucible we create together for the alchemy you are longing for.


in-person retreats:

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retreat in wales - Ancient future: reclaim your wild awareness

sept. 25 - oct. 1, 2019                        

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retreat in jamaica: deep healing with psilocybin

2019 dates tbd


curated personal retreats

now booking                                                         


the path is being revealed through your loving attention



We all need help. We need each other to remind us of who we truly are.

It's in this kind of relationship that outdated perceptions dissolve and are naturally replaced with our unique creative genius.

We discover the path together using the tools that resonate with your body and soul's language.

I can hear and feel you in times when you can not.

Together, we uncover what life is longing to receive from you.



"Valerie embodies the powerful healing nature of the Divine feminine. Her clear insight into the source of issues and how specific she is helps awaken and inspire change in the body.  She is humble, passionate, full of grace, and a beautiful gift to this world. I'd recommend her to anyone who is in need of understanding more clearly who they are and looking for a personal guide on the path of life."

           –Wendy DeRosa, Boulder, CO

"How do I describe such a powerful experience? Quite simply: The gifts you bring are extraordinary and your devotion to the care of your client is a beautiful gift and loving act of service. You empower others to transcend their limitations."

                –Ada Middleton, Louisville, KY

"Valerie, you are bridging worlds (healing + commerce) in your business consulting."

                 –Brenda Scarborough, Sausalito, CA

"With Valerie’s professional, intuitive approach, my perfume business is well on its way in less than 3 months of working together. I have a solid foundation to continue building on, both on the inner and outer aspects of my work.
If you are unsure of your message or work or you want to put all the pieces together, Valerie will guide you through this masterfully."

                –Stevie Gayle Stephens, Maui


I'm ready for you.

Let's find your way.

How can I begin anything new with yesterday in me?
— Leonard Cohen