eating up a storm

I hear the trains of New York in movement again. The past 3 days have been quiet without them, a sense of lack, the constant motion of life, work, doing, all brought to life by the constancy of the trains.

I came to NY to attend an event, Rich Happy + Hot Live, put on by one of my incredible mentors, Marie Forleo. This massive inspiration held at the Donna Karan Urban Zen Center was populated by wellness crusader Kris Carr, soul ignitor Danielle LaPorte, Daily Love guru Mastin Kipp, Course in Miracles new generation leader Gabrielle Bernstein among 300 very passionate (mostly) women ready to change the world for the better by being exactly who we are.

Being in large crowds can be overwhelming to me. But this felt like a gorgeous dance feeding me with every soul and body nutrient I longed for. Calm lighting, organic treats, hot water for my mug and so much love, presence and encouragement to let all of me out to be in service and have the most fun doing it. This was the most nourishing conference I've ever attended.

Soon after we ended, the trains of the entire city were being shut down. Arriving back in Astoria from Manhattan to meet my lovely and kind niece, Jessica, we began to hunker in. Brace ourselves for the coming events of the impending 'Frankenstorm'.

We were lucky to have power and phone service the entire time. We watched all the flooding and damage on our on-the-ground-news-generating Twitter and Facebook feeds and YouTube mayoral reports. Amazing how information is disseminated these days. Real time.

Relegated to a small apartment with uncertainty lingering, what did we do? We ate. In hindsight, the saying, "eating up a storm" came floating through my mind. Well, it's true. It happens.

Glad to say that the airports have reopened today, letting lots of cooped up people flee. I felt safe in this city. People taking care of people.

I leave for England early next week on yet another adventure. So many good people in this world, I'm happy so many of them are in my life.

You are one of them.

Tell me what's alive in your heart today. I would love to know.

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