the way is open

It's messy. Life. Love. The soul's passion finding its way through cultural and ancestral restraints. But the truth is, the way is open. Wherever it is your heart is pointing or prodding you toward, there is already an opening.

I believe this. Even when I'm doubting my ability to respond. Even when I'm obsessing over the 10 pounds I gathered along the many miles of travel. Even when I can't comprehend why I haven't done so many of the things I know want doing, I  still believe we are on the path to our own liberation, service and freedom. No matter what it looks or feels like today or even this moment.

Nearly 20 years ago, when I first read Sogyal Rinpoche's masterful book, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, I was struck by the concept of the bardo state. This is how he described it when asked in an interview:

"After you die, and before you take on a new birth, there is an intermediate state called the bardo. There are other meanings also, because the word "bar" means in between, and the word "do" means suspended.  Whenever you are in between two circumstances or situations, you are in the bardo.  We are born, we live a little bit, and we die. The time/experience between birth and death is a bardo. In fact, all life is a bardo–every moment, every thought. It is constantly occurring, and what the bardo teaching is showing is that in the transition there is always the gap and in the gap there is the possibility of enlightenment.  It shows the different methods we can use to recognize our internal nature."

I also remember the idea that we can get distracted or waylaid by what we see in the bardo–like a shiny object along our path, we become mesmerized. Momentarily (or more) delayed in remembering that the way is open.

My dear friend, Lakshmi, wrote a gorgeous song speaking to this (one she has yet to record I might add begrudgingly). Each time she has her guitar in hand I ask her to play it for me, let me sing with her, to remind myself, "the way is open"…right now.

This feels like a time of purging. What has distracted or delayed us is arising for another brief intense visit, perhaps even a loving embrace is necessary to quell the noise or the story it has brought.

Some say Dec. 12, 2012 is the opening to a bridge. One that will deliver us into the Dec. 21, 2012 alignment of the cosmos to receive more of our soul's guidance of what and how to be of greater service. To love more easily. To be kinder. To have more pleasure in knowing that we belong here, just because we are here.

However you feel about this time on planet earth, I think we can all agree, change is upon us. Are we "in between two circumstances or situations"? Is this a time of 'birth' into a new way of thinking or perceiving?

How will you respond? Where is your heart or intuition pointing you? Can you feel the open way beyond the momentary distractions?

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Valerie KausenComment