What does it mean to surrender?!

What does it mean to surrender?! Give up? Give in? Lose faith in myself or what I’m doing? I suppose it could contain any number of things, but what I’m experiencing is that surrender actually means letting go of thinking I know how things are going to happen or turn out.

Relaxing into what is, while simultaneously allowing my natural creative life force to flow into all that I’m interested in growing in my life.

Shifting from a rigid stance of ‘what is missing?’ to a softer ‘what can I be grateful for?’ or even ‘how can I be of greater service?’.

Now, I may be the last to really grasp (even faintly) what it means to surrender. Being a strong, outspoken, uber-creative-force-of-nature can have a very masculine energy – fix it, make it ‘right’, find the solution, get back to harmony RIGHT NOW.

But these times are calling for more feminine qualities in us all it seems. More receptive, more willing to listen and respond to what is happening. These softer sides can evoke great change.

As we have all experienced, attraction is a powerful energy! This relaxed sense of peace and center that calls forth our attention and engagement without having to do a thing.

Perhaps this is part of surrender, to relax and let our natural self do the work that we thought we needed to manufacture and generate? Maybe, there is a secret key that resides inside us that once we are settled and inward, opens all the doors that we have been scratching and beating on for so long?

Sounds like as good a story as any.

What’s your story these days? Leave comment below and let me know! : )

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