What if judgment is only unfelt fear?

When I was very young I wrote a card to my grandfather that read, "you are a purfit. "

On seeing this proudly displayed in his office many years later, I thought, "that's a pretty great word I made up, very descriptive". Obviously it meant something to him and he wasn't judging me for not having an editor read it before I gave it to him.

Last week I made up another word. Justation. In the midst of a flurry of creation and learning new tools and feeling a self imposed deadline, I pressed send before realizing no spell check had worked tediously with me.

First one and then another and another kind person, like I have been so often, replied saying, "might want to change that to gestation". Yes. I know. But, as we know, like with any communication, when it's done, it's done. No retrieving it.

I've judged so many people so often for not getting all the letters in the right place. Just days before the 'justation incident' I saw a banner that used 'your' where 'you're' should have been and I said aloud, "how stupid are we becoming?" or something to that affect (or is it effect?).

Many insights have arisen since showing my 'stupid' last week.

I see that judgment is fear unfelt.

All my judgement of others misspellings and poor grammar came from the fear that I would do the same.

Obviously this applies to so many subjects, people, circumstances. Quite mind boggling really to apply this equation - judgment is fear unfelt - and see what appears. Feel free to use if you like. : )

It's been decided that justation means to indulge in the "if I just…" world and you get stuck there.

I'm grateful for all of my imperfections that keep my perfectionist busy and working toward total liberation thereof.

Here's to growth in all it's many guises.

What's coming clear to you these days? leave a comment below, I'd love to hear!

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