Will the net appear?

I wonder if the leap can also be a continuous chain of actions? Perhaps not one massive hurl of self into the unknown, but many steps that become the leap?

It could be that we don't even realize we are taking risks that will lead to an ultimate change in the course of life, it may be the subversive intuitive prodding that push us eventually off the edge, even backwards without ever knowing where we are.

I feel this undercurrent. it is pulling to the surface everything in the way of this needed restructuring. All ways I've stayed small and seemingly safe are becoming glaring and uncomfortable pain points. Like when the body is in pain our attention is automatically drawn there. These places need our attention, our loving attention. It's a call for care.

The same is true with our mental, emotional and spiritual pain points. They need our loving attention. The key I'm finding is not dwelling in any one experience or thought too long. They are in motion, energy in motion to become my future self. When I think in those terms I do not want to create a new self with the toxicity that is leaving. The meditation then is to not grasp, not become fixated…on anything. To allow the healing to take place, to feel deeply what is occurring so the healing can be assimilated down to the cells, but not to get stuck in a cul-de-sac of spinning going nowhere thoughts.

Oh yes, the net. See? It is so simple to get enamored with our realizations, 'issues' and insights that we forget that life is simply here meeting us as we are. If we are a part of a larger energy pattern that has our best interest woven forever through it, then what?

Maybe this is a strengthening of our remembrance in the intrinsic nature of reality. Energy follows thought. The less fixated, the fewer stumbles. The more spacious and allowing of our intuitive selves to lead the way, the more purpose and happiness we experience. Simple, right? : )

What have you leaped into knowing or unknowingly? Leave a comment would love to hear.

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Valerie KausenComment