are you being consumed?

With so many different meanings of the word (to do away with completely: destroy, to spend wastefully: squander, to eat or drink especially in great quantity: devour, to engage fully: name a few) this is a word that can travel with us through a variety of emotional states.

When I was young one of my favorite foods was cheddar goldfish. Oh my, how I loved those little guys. Comfort beyond comfort. After many decades of not eating such things there are still those infrequent moments when I find myself standing in front of the cheddar bunnies (organic version of my long lost friends).

I tell you this because usually when this happens I am most likely feeling consumed by something (feeling, event, situation) that I feel I have little control over, hence the movement from consumed by to consuming. One thing that I still feel I have some 'control' over is what I put in my mouth.

Is that making sense to you? Or is it just me?

In other moments I have the wherewithal to allow myself to be consumed by dance, by the presence of a dear friend, my wild creativity or simply turning toward the feeling that led me down the cheddar bunny aisle.

All of these are valid options when navigating the fragile territory where past meets present that turns into our created future.

Tell me what definition is most alive in you today - or perhaps I'll say this moment for it only takes a moment to turn toward a different outcome.

I'd love to hear from you!

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Valerie Kausen1 Comment