how do you stay under the overwhelm?

I missed sending out my weekly newsletter last week.

It was one of my busiest weeks in months. Beautiful new clients. Current clients coming for multiple sessions, and several returning who I have not seen for some time. Lovely to feel so utilized and in the flow of love. I've also been working diligently to bring my business to a new level of productivity and effectiveness by taking mentoring classes AND I was preparing for a couple of weeks away. Whew.

I made choices to fill my regular scheduled exercise time with other things that wouldn't fit anywhere else. This happened once, twice and then a third time that week. For those who don't know, a few months ago I embarked on a huge shift in my relationship to exercise and to my body. I committed to 30 hot yoga classes in 30 days which I extended to 50 in 50 (thank you Betsy's Hot Yoga in Louisville!). It changed me. Obviously the physical change is one I anticipated (perhaps a bit too much) but the more interesting ways that I wasn't expecting were the mental and emotional changes.

In having this space over the past 10 days where I missed a large part of my regular moving of my body, I saw the deterioration of my foundational capacity to handle a wide breadth of mental and emotional territories in myself. Now, I know this is obvious to those of you who have spent your life in motion and know that when you don't take care in that way the rest of life just doesn't work as well. But for me I have never been consistent for any real length of time with exercise (or much else) ever. So even as short as 4 months exercising seems in comparison to the whole of my 47 years alive, it has reset me to a life of motion.

When I am not in motion in my body, my mind and emotions trip on overwhelm much more quickly. I don't have near as much energy and focus as when I take the couple of hours to really sweat and get all my systems fired up. Taking space for self-love actually fills me with more to give. Been telling my clients this for years…it's actually true. : )

I have many regular practices, Personal Success Rituals as one of my mentors calls them, and luckily I didn't stop them all at once so I am able to write to you from awareness and not just stop communicating all together which would have happened in the past had I fallen from a routine…oh wait I don't think I've ever really had a routine before, that's right.

No matter where we are on the journey of life, health, practice, self-love, relationship….now is always the moment to commit again and return to that which brings us to balance and strength in our foundation. Simple.

Wold love to hear how you stay under the overwhelm of life. Thanks for reading!

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