are you able to metabolize life?

Everything we experience in life requires some sort of metabolizing as I see it. Obviously, food changing from one form of energy to another to support the workings of our physical body. Simple to see the value of putting in high quality fuel to receive a high quality energy source. We may not always choose that for a variety of reasons too complex to tackle here, but it is easy to see the formula.

Perhaps not so obvious are all the other inputs that we encounter every day. The quality of our communication, the emotions that arise, the media we take in, the stories we tell ourselves, what we say when we look in the mirror or at our bank balances.

All of this takes energy of one sort or another to metabolize. If the energy, willingness or space is not available for some sort of resolution it will be stored, like a little 'gift' to yourself in the future.

We can do it now or do it later...feel it, detoxify it, transform it in some way to open up the channels of free flowing healthy energy that become all aspects of our life.

Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels are all involved in how well we can face what is happening, internally and externally.

I understand, for myself, why daily practice is such a powerful act of self love, it creates space for resolution of the unresolved energies to move on through and not be stuck. It's not always an instantaneous remedy, most times not, actually, but carving the pathways of consistency and commitment make a well worn space for balance and wellness to more likely occur.

What are you eating, watching or thinking that cause you to stop the natural flow? And what are your favorite "personal success rituals" that help you stay current with it all?

I'd love to hear from you!

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Valerie Kausen1 Comment