even endings can be sweet

My life has been full of jumps and tumbles. Ones that have taken me to so many beautiful and soon to be loved people and places.

20 years ago I was the Executive Vice President of my grandfather, Chuck Jones' company. I spent 3 years overseeing projects, his schedule and traveling with him on book tours, art openings and many other fantastic adventures. It was such a rich time. He was 80 and seemingly in the prime of life. I learned so much from him.

During down times I began to travel to feed my ever growing 'spirit call'. Swimming with the dolphins in the Bahamas, conferences with Marianne Williamson, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra (yup, they've been spiritual rock stars for a long time), going solo to see the Dalai Lama.

Money and seeking are super fun bedfellows.

There came a point where I knew I needed to let go of the success I had achieved (buying my first house at 25, driving a sweet red Saab, my very own mobile phone and having a well paid and prestigious position with someone I love). Not an easy leap.

I wrote a letter to Chuck - we had a sweet correspondence through the written word - as he did with so many. His ability to articulate vision, creativity and the heart were unmatched. In his reply letter, something like this was included, "I don't know why a gazelle leaps, but it is beautiful when it does." That felt like a sweet ending. He did not understand why I was doing what I was doing, but he supported me in it anyway.

Again, I find myself at a sweet ending, or perhaps just the inclusion of more leaping. I am leaving for Florida the week of Oct. 8th to start another adventure. I do not know where this intuitive push will take me or where I will land or for how long.

I will continue to come and go from Louisville. it is a magnet for my heart and my work. I will work in Florida and I am going to England for a few weeks in November to see dear friends and to represent Chuck, once again, at an animation festival celebrating the centennial of Chuck's birth.

I know I will fall in love with people and places all along the way and though it is a breaking of the heart to leave the familiar for the unknown, it is a breaking open to include more love, not lose it. I came across this quote recently from Anon,

True love doesn't have a happy ending, because true love never ends. Letting go is one way of saying I love you.

This is a friendly mystery.

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