in the spotlight

I never realized until I was in my mid thirties how much I love being in the spotlight. I used to create drama and strife to get that feeling of being the center of attention, but I can tell you that bringing inspiration and love to people from a stage is being plugged into the universal electrical socket, way better than the emotional drama technique.

Every once in a while I get to be a celebrity. A mini one, one by association, but being royalty is fun. I admit it. I like it.

At my grandfather, Chuck Jones', 100th birthday celebration my family planned a film festival at an historic theater in the LA area to show his cartoons in the format they were made for - the big screen. The family spoke along with a few of Chuck's colleagues  and industry fans.

As we prepared in the 'green room' I realized that my mother had prepared a very well thought out talk, including stories and references to her fairy-tale like childhood with Chuck. I started feeling sick to my stomach with the awareness that I was about to stand in front of more than 500 people and had nothing prepared. I do this kind of thing often, show up and somehow trust and know that what is meant to come out of my mouth will, but it continues to be preceded by a whole body nausea sprinkled with fear.

Once I got on stage with the microphone in hand my love for Chuck and my love for being in the spotlight merged into an inspired few minutes of timeless grace (that was how Chuck was, present, funny, intimate with each person he spoke with).

It was a magical point in time, much like the memorial service for him 10 years ago, where the love of his work, and of him, lit up the room.

During this time of transition and movement in my life, I find this genetic stability to be incredibly comforting, it's portable. In fact, I will take it with me this weekend where I get to officiate a wedding ceremony for some dear friends - on the edge of the spotlight is good, too.

Where do you feel that magical aligned quality in your life? Where everything is 'right' in the world, where you feel exactly where you are meant to be. Tell me about it. I would LOVE to hear.

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