dancing with uncertainty

Don't think you are on the right track just because it is a well beaten path."

I have said to my clients, "get comfortable in the mystery", meaning let go of the idea that you need to know what will happen next.

We can prepare, plan, learn, focus and make manifest our creative visions. All needed activities for a modern world full of distractions and opportunities. But the truth is life is an improvisational act. We are just making it up as we go along. How exciting and terrifying all at once.

For the past 6 months I have been in deep learning of how to expand my reach of service in the world utilizing the virtual world of technology and the connection that brings to so many of us. This learning has pushed my limits, even me who loves technology, it bends my mind to follow all the dips and turns of how things and people tick.

So today I find myself on the edge of actualizing what it is I've put so much time and money into over this past year and the uncertainty of it all seems to push my perfectionist into a tight corner with no place to turn.

This journey of expanding my business, reaching more people, making more money has to come from the merging of all the fresh ideas, allowing myself to be uncomfortable not knowing everything. it is my willingness to take risks, make mistakes, not look good along the way, get comfortable in the uncertainty that is required today.

This is really just life in a microcosm. One small fractal that I'm hyper focused on. In general, I see myself as loving the mystery. Making changes quickly without too much thought or regret, but this edge is uncomfortable. My growing edge. The place where everything is happening.

One of my learning tools has been Permaculture, studying and mimicking the intelligence of nature and designing systems that support us as well as the natural world. The reason I mention this at this moment is, the edge of a pond, let's say, is where a majority of life is happening. "The interface between things is where the most interesting events take place, these are often the most valuable, diverse and productive elements in the system."

So, today I am dancing with the uncertainty. I am going toward the life and feelings I desire by following my intuitive unknown path I started down so long ago and am publicly committing to you: I will stay focused and curious, recommit to greater service through creativity and the gifts I have to offer this world.

Thank you for witnessing me as I remake  my neural pathways freeing myself from limitation and small outdated thinking.

What's happening at your edge? I'm happy we're all in this together.

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Valerie KausenComment