comparison is the thief of joy

Some days I'll just be going along happy as can be, being me. And then I see or hear something that kicks in the mad ideas of my wild mind. Comparison.

"I'd rather have that body shape."

"She has a more successful healing practice."

 "I need more money, like him."

And on and on it goes. Creating suffering, irritation and separation from the simplicity of gratitude and acceptance.

Meditation seems to bring me back to sanity, usually. If I'm eating well and staying away from sugar, I feel better about myself in general. If I get to yoga and move my body in fun ways, I'm closer to happiness.

But, I'm curious, where did this comparing start? Is it like in the wild where the strongest and most robust or most beautiful male is the mark for female instincts to reproduce? Is it media induced to cause dissatisfaction with our lives and ourselves so we will buy things we don't need? Or perhaps it is the disconnect from the sacred? Where we have forgotten or were never taught that we are sacred and beautiful just as we are, intrinsic parts of the cosmic story unfolding through us.

Most likely it's a little bit of it all.

So the antidotes of centering in stillness, moving energy through and remembering my own worth and beauty daily is just what the modern urban wilderness requires.

I was reading about the chacaruna, a bridge person, who helps one cross from one state of consciousness or realm to another. The chacaruna can help form a bridge from the mind to the heart. I would say this is what all practices and healing are about, returning to the heart, which knows no comparison.

How do you stay away from the "thief of joy"?

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