self acceptance

As the Belly of the Goddess workshop came together, magically I must add, there were many moments for me to see myself from another perspective. Being the 'star' of a video makes the whole thing about you.

If you've ever edited any footage of yourself, you know what I'm talking about, every little thing revealed.

I had no idea how many big gestures and sweeping statements could come out of my mouth on cue. As I watched again and again there were things I slowly began to appreciate instead of ridicule.

The courage to get in front of a group of people and do something for the first time without a script is one. Then I began to realize that I could never have gotten all of this together without a lot help. It somehow humbled me to see how much help I needed to get all the details of such a project together.

As I put this out into the world today I especially want to thank my business partner Gary Heine and our incredible assistant Jonna Bergant for figuring things out and keeping things moving along when I was feeling overwhelmed and lackluster. 

At least you've gotten some great chocolate along the way.

So, if you love chocolate, I hope you will learn how to make this chocolate. It is beyond your wildest tastebud dreams.

Truly, it is delicious. It is simple to make. And you can 'wow' people with your new found talent. It's a great feeling to share something so good and so good for you.

Trust me, you won't be sorry you did. Or, at least give it to someone who will give the chocolate to you.

Valerie KausenComment