start before you are ready

I'm not sure if I ever feel fully ready for anything unknown. I imagine having a baby being a great example (if you've had one).

Anything that pushes my boundary of where I've been, what I've done, elicits some feeling (anxiety, fear, doubt, excitement).

For you, too?

I seem to be riding this edge. The uncomfortable edge of pushing myself. I suppose I always have. But in the past it's been from the perspective of, "you're not good enough, do more".

Whereas today it's coming from, "you have so much to offer this world, it's time!"

Perhaps it's a loving pull rather than a bullying push. That feels nicer. But nonetheless, it's an edge.

When I started B-School last year, I was NOT ready. But I signed up, just under the wire, knowing that I'd have to wait an entire year to even have the chance to say yes again.

I'll start B-School again in less than 2 weeks (it's a lifetime access) and I feel more ready this time. But I wouldn't be where I am if I didn't start before I was ready.

My focus is on falling in love with this magnetism of my calling to serve more people (and live in more affluence - flow) and catching all the details that make up the life I'm stepping fully into.

Holding a bigger vision in the midst of gathering goodies along the path. Widening my ability to hold all parts of myself and still move. Now that's an art.

I hope whatever your edge is, you're learning to enjoy it. Would love to hear about it below.

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