step into your masterful life

Seems like the tides of energy, called life, are constantly changing and moving around. Finding a strong and solid place to serve up our gifts and visions from feels elusive yet they do appear surprisingly often.

I imagine what it must feel like to surf. That total immersion in the moment. The relationship of those moving energies that create the platform for complete joy and participation. That level of showing up isn't something I know well.

Other than the time I spend engulfed in the present with my clients, finding the intimacy with life where time and thought dissolve into embodied grace, I am a bit of a side-liner. Hmmm. That's interesting. I'm thinking that most people who know me would not describe me in those terms.

Maybe this idea of myself being less than participatory in life is a story carried from long ago in my cells of watching life pass me by? I watched a short video recently (chances are you did, too) about how our perceptions can differ from reality. Perhaps these stories are just 'ghosts' of how we once needed to be.

Hesitation has no place in full participation, I'm thinking. A friend said to me recently, "yes…AND" referring to an improv teaching that encourages non-resistance, no no's. Say yes first to whatever is happening then add something or redirect, as in aikido.

That's what I imagine a full participation, a mastery, in life to look and feel like. "Yes…and".

Mastery has been defined as being an expert "one who has acquired special skill in or knowledge of particular subjects through professional training and practical experience". In these times of self-made, rather than overly educated success, some have said 10,000 hours doing something makes you an expert.

There are approx. 8,736 hours in a year.  With that in mind, we are all experts, masterful at being us. Perhaps at this point it is about stepping more fully into participation and out of doubt and hesitation with the understanding that hesitation breeds more hesitation. And that participation and saying yes breeds more of the same.

You are a master...step into it. That's what I'm choosing. What about you?

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