It's all happening.

Even when it's messy. Even when it's disorienting and strange. Even when I can't see my focal point anymore, it's all still happening.

A few of my mentors have said, "if you're not giving your gifts in the world, you are stealing from those who need it." What a revealing way to look at things. I, like most, want to help people. Want to be kind and considerate, not pushy and sleazy.

For many of us on the social or conscious entrepreneur track there can be a divide between offering our gifts and making our market aware that we exist. Just creating the opportunity for those who need what we have to find it, can be daunting.

We are forging new ways of thinking, being, acting and serving. It's improvisational business. Responding to the ever changing interactive ways we show up and reveal what we have that others need and want.

I am feeling this mix of current business savvy, authenticity and gusto as deeply creative. Riding the edge of limitation to summersault into a cartwheel of a new perspective and understanding. It takes a certain surrender and strength. And a sense of humor.

So, whatever it is that you might be falling or flying into, breaking through or just having an inkling of, be curious. Be present. Be resilient. Be kind.

Remember: it is all happening.

I'd love to know what you're passionate about, where your edges are being pushed and created. Make a comment below : )

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Valerie KausenComment