start where you are

What if you were exactly where you were meant to be in this very moment? Not late. Nor behind. Not even lacking a thing. How would that change how you feel about yourself?

Would you relax a little more? Maybe trust the flow that is happening, or not happening?

If you've been paying attention to me recently you'll know that I have been learning a lot of new tools in my business. Jumping, or perhaps better said, being sucked into technology vortices. Bouncing around and being thrown out every now and again.


But today. I'm feeling that technology is friendly. On my side. Creating a doorway for great things to happen. Maybe my edges have been so worn from wear that it's all just a big let go now. I like the sound of that.

Who knows, but today I am feeling the connectivity and creativity of technology and its ability to make things happen. Convey a message, store it for later, tickle with reminders and even inspire loads of people who want to be inspired.

I've been spending more time in the sunshine with my bare feet on the ground, summer time calls for this kind of earth intimacy. It makes the computer hypnosis less captivating and calms my nervous system to entrain with the natural world where it belongs.

So, today I've decided to start where I am. Each moment, every day – what else can we do really? It is just a fight otherwise.

Where's your attention these days? How's your nervous system? What are the tools that help you in stormy times?

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Valerie KausenComment