You will never be satisfied until you discover that YOU are what you are seeking

This world is seductive. Drawing our attention from one tantalizing possibility to another, it leads us on a passionate scavenger hunt whose list of requirements grows without end.

That body shape. The next fashion, externally, internally or otherwise. The parade of food, food plans, ways to work your body into hard lines. The house. The car (Tesla Roadster for me).

Not to mention the most popular of all, the ever elusive love-embodied-in-the-perfect-life-long-partner-for-growth-and-endless-pleasure.

What's a person to do? Chasing our own tail (tale), we never arrive at the place that is promised to fulfill our unending longing. Why?

There's an ancient cosmic joke that goes like this:

An all-knowing being walks into the cosmos and says,

if I wanted to hide the eternal union leading to harmonious creation and happiness, where would be the last place humans would look?

What we long for resides inside. We know this.

But, looking outside has become quite a global economic and power driver. Our innocent intelligence's ability to reside in love, inside, has been hijacked into a lifetime of something or someone "trying to get our attention".

The true pile of gold (from my view) is found in stopping the search for something to complete, change or fix us. Right now.

The addiction of outward looking is fierce. I realize this. I am human. But there is a bitter dissatisfaction that is growing. I see it in people. I feel it in myself.

The direct experience of love can be induced through the simple act of turning attention inward. Following the breath. This gives the opportunity for presence. The direct healer of our incessant searching.

That simple. And, that courageous.

Can you imagine a world of humans connected to the infinite wisdom of the universe that lives inside?

I'm imagining it everyday. As I feel the deep pain of a world separate from love, I breathe out a world of cooperation, compassion, abundance and creative solutions.

We are all alchemists.

Remember how powerful you are? All that pain, longing, suffering, ailments…that is energy.

Let's harness it for another outcome.

As one of my wondrous mentors, Caroline Casey, says,

Open our path, before each one of us, and grant us the opportunity to be of maximum good while having maximum fun.

Beneficial creativity is so much more fun than war.

Don't you think?

photo credit: the amazing Phoebe Partridge, thank you for bringing out my beauty

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