on purpose

So often I hear the word purpose. What are we here for? What comes easily that seems too simple to get paid for?

That is what I call purpose. The service we are made to give the world. It's not draining or difficult...it's fun.

Yes, it's fun. It may meet difficult territory in helping others and it may take long stretches of focus and effort to get your service to the world, but it is enjoyable.

Many years ago I asked, "What am I here for?" And the answer from the unseen and unnamable force that makes up everything and everyone, resounded simply, "To love."

I didn't like this response. It's too easy and not specific enough like, "An accountant." I fussed at this echo for many years and felt inadequate in being able to 'hear' or 'know' my true calling.

But the truth is I am here to love.

This is no small purpose I now see. It makes little difference what the vehicle for the love is. I could have become an accountant and been of as much benefit as I am now doing my healing and consulting work.

It is what people walk away feeling from the experience that tells me I'm on purpose. Are people feeling loved?

Recently I returned from many weeks of travel back to Louisville. I have been remiss in letting my incredible clients here know I've returned. I have been hermiting. I'm pretty sure we all have a version of this (or I like to think you do.) I've only been surfacing for those clients that have contacted me for sessions.

Today, after several particularly long days feeling "off purpose", I saw one of my regular clients and the feeling of being plugged back into my energy source came so fast and simply. It is now undeniable to me…if I am not doing what I came here to do I will implode. Pretty clear.

This quote seems to sum it up.

If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you." Gospel According to Thomas

What do you think about my hypothesis (and Jesus' I suppose)?

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