I'm ready.

As Spring pops glorious daffodils and green shoots up I find myself resisting this change. The season of coming out and being seen.

Perhaps it is the tide turning after feeling very exposed. My business partner, Gary Heine, and I hosted 15,000 people at our online Food Growing Summit. Now, I feel like blending in a bit more (may never happen, but I can dream).

We had hundreds of people from around the world tell us how much they loved what we did and how inspired they were and continue to be.

We had a couple of people who tried to publicly shame us for our efforts. One of our business mentors said we'd now made it to the big-time if we reached enough people to piss someone off. We should be celebrating.

Needless to say, it all took a lot of energy. The creation, the learning and the edge of wanting something to be different than it was. And then there is the feeling of gratitude from people (and the earth) for what we did.

I may be slow to show my face this Spring, but I'm ready now. I'm ready for the creative spark to blaze through my cells again and show me the way to more service and fun.

I'm listening to the book Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani. I appreciate her ability to speak to what is important and what is not in light of her near-death-experience in 2006.

The ability to love easily and often and the ability to let go of fear easily and often makes life more beautiful and simple. This is my take away from this book and from my own life and work.

So, I'm ready for more love and less fear, more creativity and less worry, more movement and less stagnation.

Hope to see your beautiful face soon.

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Valerie KausenComment