walking on fire

When I was 9, I went to camp at the Dunes in Newport Beach with a bunch of other cute little blonde people. One of the things we did was follow the leader over the sand. The leader took us all around the beach and up and over a fire pit filled with sand. I was the first in the line to step into the pit instead of striding all the way over. There were buried hot coals. The bottoms of both of my feet were badly blistered. I spent a lot of that Summer crawling.

It was such a shock. A complete change in a moment. I can still feel it happening 40 years later.

I tell you this story because it feels like this in life right now. Such swift change happening for so many. This calls for a deep willingness to let go of the known and (somehow) meet the mystery that is happening around and through us.

I imagine that being focused on my soul's work and desires, I am lighter, less likely to be harmed. And when I am deep in emotion and worry I sink down into the disorientation that change can be.

This is what fire-walking must be, elevating oneself a bit out of the material into the "quantum view." I wouldn't know as I haven't had the courage to go there, but I like to think that's true.

As the beautiful late Maya Angelou so eloquently stated, "courage may be the most important of all virtues, because without it one cannot practice any other virtue with consistence."

Courage to go toward the fire. Courage to feel all the emotions along the way. Courage to take the time you need, but not get lost in self-doubt. Perhaps touching the "quantum field" and being your embodied self is the middle path all the sages speak of.

I honor the fire you are walking through right now. And I honor mine.

Let's courageously love our way through it all together.

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Valerie KausenComment