the art of receiving

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Several months ago a wild creative movement came through me. Two retreats (Wales and Mexico) were birthed from that purity of connection with something bigger. I move in and out of my visionary view many times falling all the way to face-on-the-floor humbling emotions that follow these vast openings.

I have always been a deeply passionate and feeling creature. It’s part of what makes me, well, me. This vast expanse of being human cultivates a compassion and empathy for others because I feel it for myself. It can also be part of the cycle of addiction to the highs and lows and drama. 

This is the great inquiry: what is moving me and where am I finding stability?

Daily practice and reflection from those I trust have been my prescription for finding my way, feeling it. When I’m feeling out of sorts I have trusted allies to touch in wth who can hold space for my storm when I’m moving so much through my system.

I created these retreats out of my curation of those who have held me and helped me find my way. I have allowed a deep receptivity to these people, knowing I can trust my very sensitive and unique system to them. I want others to benefit from my years of searching and finding highly skilled practitioners, including myself. We have cultivated our innate gifts and talents by being willing to receive and be supported by others.

These are the retreats I wish I'd had available to me.

It’s vulnerable to know and ask for what we want. It feels even more vulnerable to actually be willing to receive it.

Who would I be if I let in what I want? The familiar struggles and drama would cease and something unknown would emerge, something I have yet to experience.

I call this the art of receiving because it’s alive and moving, it’s not a set of steps we learn and apply. It’s about being skillfully kind and present to feel what comes up when we move toward the change we have longed for. An emotion, a blame, a memory long buried. It’s a moment-to-moment willingness to dance with what is. Even if it’s resistance. 

There is a level of courage, a willingness to trust the heart of us, that staying connected and present is the way to what we truly want. Receiving life and knowing that life is happening to support our evolution and well-being. Not that it’s simple or easy or pain-free, it’s actually responding to what our deepest desires for freedom are needing. The exact circumstances to become who we know is possible.

It’s disorienting and disturbing to our attachment to the known. Even if we are suffering in our current state, it’s familiar and holds its own kind of comfort.

The greater our ability to receive the greater our ability to give the gift that wants to come out of us. 

My invitation is to move toward the practice of receiving, in small and large ways, knowing that this is opening the way for freedom. 

Please come and receive the depth of wisdom these retreats are offering, you deserve to be fully supported and seen.

Valerie KausenComment