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Recently it became very clear...

It's time to tell my life story on film.

5-part Docu-Series Embody Yourself: learning to surf chaos

Filming started on July 1, 2019 in Marin County, California.

The desire to share my story is to normalize the internal and external experience of being alive and coming home to one’s body and heart and live fully and awkwardly and passionately as our own self. To learn our own language and be able to listen and respond with love and attention.

Here are a few highlights of my own journey:

• I am Chuck Jones ' only granddaughter (creator of the Road Runner and Coyote, Pepe Le Pew, Marvin the Martin, drew Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, etc. AND the most famous animation director of all time winning 4 Academy Awards). I ran his company for 3 years in my 20s. He was work-for-hire at Warner Bros. during all this work and he nor our family ever received any royalties from these characters.

• I lived in a communal home from age 4-7. Two families with 3 children each and two parents. I am the youngest of the 6 children. The 10 of us lived in Orange County, California, at that time it was the most conservative County in the country. The 4 parents finally "swapped" partners for the last time and divorced and remarried the "other" within a month of each other and were in each other's weddings. They have remained that way for 46 years. They are still best friends. My biological father passed in 2015.

• I fell through the hole in a fire escape when I was 20 flat on my back and didn't break a single bone. The "medical industry" sent me home saying, "You are fine" which I knew I wasn't. That put me on the "alternative" path of healing and organic eating for the last 35 years.

• I've travelled all over the world working deeply with psychedelics for the past 30 years. Including a trip to a very remote Ayahuasca community of 500 people in Brazil accessible only by small motor boats taking an entire day to arrive and leave. I was there for 2 months working with the medicine nearly every other day. It took me 10 years to fully integrate the depth of that choice.

• I got "sonared" by a dolphin in the Bahamas in 1992 which solidified a sudden shift to follow my intuition fully and completely. I quit my six figure job, sold my house and for the past 27 years I have been moving at the speed of my soul's journey. Learning to trust life by listening even when I didn't understand why I was to go to the next place, follow that person or go all the way to the heart of an experience. Living "hand-to-mouth" all these years has been humbling and has given me so much compassion for people in all economic situations.

• I lived off-grid in a mediation community for the better part of 6 years in the jungle of The Big Island. We were silent till noon. Meditated and sang together each morning and did EDGU. We ate and worked together while enjoying the abundance of food that grows in the tropics.

• I've learned how to release deeply held trauma and emotion from my body through Tension and Trauma Release Exercises, Orgasmic Meditation, sitting meditation and finding my own way to offering what I call Lucid Embodiment: staying awake in our own darkness, to help others find their OWN way.

I am nearly 55 and I feel healthier, happier, sexier and more creative than ever.

I have been gifted with deep insights about the disconnection of dualistic thinking and how connection with our own body, nature, the divine, each other and love can return us to The Infinite Game of Love instantly.

I am nomadic with a root in Orange County with my dear parents.

I started pre-production on Monday July 1, 2019 in Marin County.

I have 10 shoots lined up so far talking with people who have been positively impacted by me and me them: Bay Area, Orange County, San Diego, Dallas, West Palm Beach, New York, Louisville and Europe.

I have an editor, associate producer and dozens of eager people to help me create this:

5-part Docu-Series Embody Yourself: learning to surf chaos

part 1: 0-19 years old
part 2: 20s
part 3: 30s
part 4: 40s
part 5: 50s

My deepest intention is to let others know that being yourself and following your intuitive heart is possible and NEEDED.

Our full expression is the healing the world needs.

When we LOVE who we are fully and completely it frees everyone around us to do the same. AND we take the pressure off anyone else to love us because we don't love our own self.

I'm asking for $5,000 to pay for:

• very talented videographers and photographers and editor

• travel expenses (I'm deeply frugal and have friends all over the world who welcome me in their homes grateful.)

• administration support from my Minister of Magic and my Pussy Hive Team

I am so grateful for support in any amount to see this deep seeded personal creative expression come to a thriving fruition.

Thank you, in advance, for donating, sharing and any words and prayers of encouragement.

I love you.
I love me.
I'm willing to receive all the abundance, in all forms, to let this project fully realize itself through me with lots of help from my friends.

Deep bow and gratitude to myself for making it this far in my life to want to share my journey and love myself for EVERY single choice and circumstance I've been in.

Valerie Kausen
Embodiment Mentor
IG: ValerieKausen_spiritMuse
FB: Valerie Kausen: spiritMuse

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