we are already HOME

We have leveled up from Earth 1.0

WAR era:

butterflied croc.jpg


Black and White. 

Right and Wrong. 

Good and Bad. 

Disconnect Masculine in all. 

Disconnected Feminine in all. 



To Earth 2.0 to the

RAW era:

Infinite Possibilities.



YES and...



Fluid Gender-less-ness. 

All ONE. 



This phase was fully initiated on Sunday May 19, 2019 into collective collaboration and creation into physical matter. 

I felt it happen. Can you believe I can trust myself that much to just know? It tickles me that I do.

We moved out of the WAR paradigm to the RAW paradigm. 

We made it TEAM. 

We rocked it with our love and willingness to be tossed around and confused. 

 Ostracized by our very nature. 

We did not come to fit in. 

We came to allow the change to enter from the galactic center through our earthship bodies. 

We are bringers of light. 

We did it! 


We gathered. 

We are gathering together. 

Love "WON" the Battle of Duality. 

The collective trauma is playing itself out through drama. 

Be loving witness to but don’t stir up or add anything to what is already playing out. 

If drama arises in your inner sphere with self or those close to you. 

Pause and know you are playing drama out of your personal trauma story and whoever else is involved is playing out theirs. 

It’s okay to use each consciously. 

It is the unconscious playing out of things that re-traumatizes and keeps the energy locked in a pattern. 

Letting the drama play out while holding witness to what is happening. 

Saying yes and...rather than hesitation and going into the disconnected masculine trying to figure out how I control the situation enough to feel the false safety of hiding. 

Or playing the disconnected feminine who will break back and heart to avoid being hurt and left behind. She is a tireless worker with now except not being killed. 

Be authentic. Say and feel what is there. 

When you don’t know what to do...


Wait for the Infinite Game to find you. 


Digest the last experience with loving kindness. 

Take a bath. 

Take a walk. 

Listen to nature. 

Do art. 

Move your sacred vessel. 

Do nothing. 

Let yourself fully embody what just happened so you are ready for the mystery of what is next. 

Trust yourself and what is being spoken and felt through you. 

Nothing is personal. 

No matter what it is, it isn’t personal. 

We are one organism awakening from the nightmare of separation and disconnection. 

We each will wake in our own unique way. 

You are your own Bible. 

You are your own Holy Church. 

This is the second coming of Christ and it is happening inside each one of US. 

It’s awakening inside each of us to remember the WAR was the illusion and nightmare. 

The RAW is Heaven which has always been here and we have defended ourselves from it because of the level of trauma we have all been carrying in our bodies. 

Feel it. 

Whatever it is that is arising, love that. 

Welcome it. 

Say “thank you for carrying the alchemical gold of power inside that trauma for safe passage to be delivered to the ONE nervous system that includes everyone and the Earth right now.”

There is no separation. 

We each one of us a distributed power source to uplift and free everyone generously and freely in each moment. 

NOW is the Celebration and the language is our language. 

Love is our language. 

We are each love dialect. 

Connection without agenda. 

Making bridges to one another made of whatever is authentic in the moment. 

LOVE only resides in TRUTH. 

LOVE can only live and grow in Truth. 

We are Feelers and Speakers of Truth. RAW. Authentic. 

Trust yourself even if you tumble in the Whitewater of the Nightmare that was, the Dawn is always a breath of attunement away. 

Small shifts now make huge ripples of Love and the gentle birdsong that we have arrived in the TIME-less place. 

We are now in the EMIT. 

EMIT Love through the language of each being through connection that is offered in each moment as the INVITATION. 

We’ve gone from AVOID to a VOID of Infinite beneficial possibilities. 


Pre-Sent the blessings. 

IN through RAW authentic expression and truth. 

Not mine (ME around IN) this is for the WE the collective good and RE-SOLUTION. 

We are the medicine. 

WE are willing because we know that no one is free until we are all free. 

Thank you for being so incredibly dedicated to The Path that could never be seen…

only felt. 

I love you. I’m so grateful and elated for this recognition. 

The knowing that we are already HOME. 

So happy we are gathering US. Everyone is on our Team and they are just now able to wake to this magical reality of Possibility through saying YES, game ON instead of the hesitation of No. 

I love that we are connecting again so deeply and effortlessly. 

Life is a beautiful Infinite Game creating itself through us in each moment we participate. 

We are on a need-to-know-basis and what we need to know we will know when we need to know it. 


No more greedy warehouses of knowledge, just connection and Trust in our own earthly navigational tool of our bodies. Purifying by standing in the fire of full surrender. 

Yes you are ending. 

There is only one of us here.  The collective WE.

WE left the breadcrumbs of memory in our language. How creative is that?

All we doing are all the time is talking to ourself. 

I love you. 

I'm so grateful. 

I'm willing to say. "Game ON" when I feel scared. 

It is only getting more beautiful and free. 

The Collective Trauma is playing out through the Paths of Least Resistance of willing Players. 

This is the Sacred Theater of Sin City. 

Play responsibly. 

When you make a mess. Clean it up and bring more love to yourself and those around you. 

When you are tired, rest. 

Digest the patterns of trauma being played out through you and around you. 

Move your body. 

Drink lots of water. 

Sleep alone when you need to. 

Watch something that gets your focus on someone else’s story so you can complete the experience you just had. 

The Flatlands of Duality were dry and lonely with only the teeter-totter of Duality and the Merry-go-round of victim, perpetrator and rescuer. 

We got bored there. 

We want a bigger Play. 

Love WON.

And NOW is the timeless portal where co-creation is ever-present. 

The Infinite Game is an ever-appearing multidimensional technicolor ever-changing scenes and characters, where there is only One of US here. 

Nothing else. 

We are always talking to ourself. 

Do you prefer Love or Fear for your eternal Feast?

It’s your choice literally this moment. 

And the next. 

And the next. 

It’s all been one big shower of blessings we thought was a reign of control and gunfire we needed to defend ourselves from. 

It has always been Life happening for US not against US. 

We played the Game of forgetting so we may have the delightful surprise that we get to celebrate in whatever way delights you. 

If it doesn’t hurt you anyone else it is fair play. 

Find the path that brings you Joy. 

The Pain of Separation can resolve through Pleasure Now. 

The story we were living was a self-created Nightmare. 

You can wake yourself up in whatever way feels good to you. 

I love you. 

I’m so glad you are on my Team. 

Small acts lead to Liberation. 

Feel the next Thing. 

Say the next Thing.

Do the next Thing. 

You are Loved. 

You’ve done an AMAZING job of playing till we made The Great Turning at the Galactic Bellybutton. 

We are Home. 

Home is Love. 

We made it. 

The Great Turning with the clay people. Earth-Keeps March 20, 2019 Spring Equinox. 

Living and loving as ONE. 

It is one long cosmic joke. 

Now celebrate yourself and everyone else so the New Earth is revived from the False Death she was passing through as we collectively moved through the Bardo State between worlds. 

We resuscitated ourselves and the Earth. 

Her spirit returned fully and NOW we can Breath in and know that we are already Home and we Belong here. 

Right where we are. 

As we are. 


If you are still playing on the Flatlands of Duality you will choose the fight and continue to hurt yourself and others. 

If you choose the Infinite Game of Yes and. Not knowing what will be or how it will be. 

Then we are free to Love fully. 

To be whatever is needed for the BDSM scene of separation to Play itself free through US. 

Collective trauma release. 

Say yes, game ON when you feel the fear. 

It’s okay. 

You are already Home. 

And WE can’t individually see or feel how beautiful what we are allowing to be birthed through US is. 

So happy you are here. 

You are needed. 

You matter. 

Connection is the Tool. 

Love is the Medicine. 

There is no more Work of War there is only the Play of co-creation and Liberation of the blame, shame, guilt and deception of War. 

We made it. 

You did an amazing job doing exactly what was needed. 

Whatever it’s been has been your highest path of Service to Love. 

Now it is:

Serve Love. 

No matter what others are feeding you. 

You digest it enthusiastically and then...


make bridges 


Parties of Sacred Play


You deserve to have fun and celebrate yourself NOW. 

I’m so grateful for you. 

Thank you for being on my Team Always even when I had forgotten. Even when I dozed...

You were always on my Team.




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