Belly of the Goddess Chocolate Making Course

Welcome to the simplest, best tasting and creative recipe that will empower you to take exceptional care of yourself while having so much fun sharing with those you care about.

Please watch the Story of Chocolate (under 10 min.) first to understand why organic and raw is so important for health and well being of those who eat and those who grow our food.

Then you can move on to Making The Best Chocolate You’ve Ever Tasted video (under 20 min.) to get all the details.

Please download the recipe and I recommend laminating it so it stays readable for a long time.

Be creative and make your own variations! You can join our FaceBook group here if you’d like.

story of chocolate.png

The Story of Chocolate

There is a reason why choosing organic and fair trade is the best thing we can do for ourselves, humanity in general and the planet.

making of chocolate.png

Making of the Best Chocolate…

Even though the recipe is very clear seeing it happen can really help to embody it and hear the nuances of the process. We’re all in this together. Enjoy!

chocolate recipe.png

Download the recipe

If you are a chocolate lover, this recipe will change your life. It’s simple and straightforward. The finished chocolate needs to be refrigerated and kept that way till it’s eaten. Without the usual tempering it will get mealy when it gets too warm after it’s complete.