Giving + Gratitude


The concept of tithing has always intrigued me. This systematic return of energy circulating through empowering others with money.

My commitment to this energy of movement and healing on a larger scale than I myself can understand fully, is to give 10% of my gross income to support my "spiritual food" sources. This can be an organization or a person, anyone who has helped me to connect with my heart and spirit so that I may be of greater service.

My list of recipients at this moment:

The Post Carbon Institute - creating resilient communities is the most important external focus we can collectively have, in my opinion. This organization is offering education, actionable plans and an evolutionary common sense overview of where we are and where we can and need to be going.


• Treesisters - a group of women with a mission to reforest the planet within 10 years! My kinda women. They are doing one of the most important acts (in my humble opinion) to capture carbon, allow oxygen to be readily available for us, reduce soil erosion, bring back natural eco-systems helping our micro environments return to harmony. And so much more! One of my heroes super-star mycologist Paul Stamets agrees with me : )


Chuck Jones Center for Creativity - this happens to be my families not-for-profit (Chuck Jones in my grandfather) and we inspire people to free their own unique creative genius supporting a better world through innovative thought and action.



Thank you for your willing eye to see me, Moritz Kerkmann, the photos show so much of who I am.