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Deep Healing with Psilocybin

Week-long deeply supported plant medicine retreat


It is a time where support and allies come in many forms. I have been working with Plant Medicines for nearly 30 years. The recent publication of Michael Pollan’s book, Change Your Mind, has opened the conversation to many more people and shown the myriad benefits.

The use of psilocybin mushrooms is legal in Jamaica and we will be in a private luxurious large home with all the amenities supported for this week long healing retreat.

The plant allies have the power and ability to heal and guide us.

We are in need of reconnection to something larger in life right now. To be reconnected with the earth and her wisdom and the universe and to find our rightful place and purpose.

These are tumultuous times and we need all the stability and connection we can get.

This invitation is for those who are ready to go deep into the unknown and find the pleasure that results from being willing.

There is no map except you. Your body. Your story. Your desire for freedom from limitation.