Ending with Love: loving those with memory loss mindfully 

For family, caregivers and friends

(all material will be recorded and available directly after if you can not attend live you will not miss anything)


When our loved ones go through deep changes (at anytime of life) a natural response is to want to “fix” or change what is happening. We want to alleviate the suffering we perceive in another we love. When the mind begins to change in those people many responses can happen in us; anger, denial, fear, frustration, hopelessness, despair, and so many more things.

We are used to having that person be the person we have always known. There is a natural grieving of that loss.

My father was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia after a steady onset of symptoms over a period of years. After a brief period of looking for the “antidote” to what was happening it became clear to me that this was his life’s journey and I was here to support him by being one of his many advocates, but to mostly be a place where he could rest and allow the process to happen and to feel my love and acceptance of him. It transformed our relationship into absolute unconditional love.

I applied my decades of mindfulness training and intuitive healing work to allow this to occur.

In this 7-week online course I will be teaching the basic principals to stay calm, connected and loving while feeling everything that is arising in this challenging time.

Module 1: Reclaiming Yourself

Module 2: Learning to Welcome Your Emotions

Module 3: Practical Tools for Being with Loved Ones with More Ease

Module 4: Finding Acceptance

Module 5: Balance of Your Needs and Their Needs

Module 6: Learning the difference between Advocate vs. Controller

Module 7: Connection and Empathy

Each week will be 90-min. phone or computer interface - one hour teaching, thirty minutes Q & A (email questions for those not able to attend live).



Sliding scale $275-$375 (at the $375 level you will receive a one-to-one consultation with me)

All material will be recorded and available to download for future reference. You will receive a downloadable material and weekly meditative practices to support your integration of the teaching.