Find Your Inner Compass: remembering your sacred masculine 

For men

Tuesdays starting Aug 7 - Sept 11, 2018

6 - Module Virtual Course

2:30pm Los Angeles / 5:30pm New York / 10:30pm London

(all material will be recorded and available directly after if you can not attend live you will not miss anything)


The pressure to perform in certain ways in our culture have been happening for as long as history has been recorded. Men have been told to be strong, stop emotions and know in every moment what to do to fix and keep things in order.

This has created an unrelenting constraint on many men to act and bring a level of control into every situation. To be wary of women’s more fluid and emotional ways. This has caused a great divide in communication and collaboration and many men are tired and don’t know what to do or how to change this ingrained way of showing up in the world and in relationships.

The expectations are not only from inside of men, but placed on them from the outside. If they appear “weak” or “vulnerable” in any way they are trampled and left behind or made fun of as is common in social situations.

The power of the sacred masculine (not gender specific) is in the ability to respond to life, to listen rather than control. Nature is a feminine force in deep connection and collaboration. There has been a distancing of ourselves from Nature so could use it without the thought of being actually interwoven into it. The obvious repercussions of our distance is dis-ease and imbalance in us and the world in general.

These 6-weeks are dedicated to learning the language of the sacred masculine while being in relationship with the feminine that resides in all of us.

It is a journey of returning to the body, emotions and the trust that life is leading us and that we can feel that when we slow down and listen.

I have been leading men’s groups for many years and have begun to learn how to support this unraveling of the “toxic masculine” we all, men and women, carry and repeat in our internal and external actions.

Module 1: Masculine and Feminine: it’s not about gender

Module 2: Where we come from: how our history and ancestors imprinted on us

Module 3: The Drama Triangle: how we get caught in the stories

Module 4: Slowing Down: the art of practice (tools for remembering your brilliance)

Module 5: Making friends with the unknown: finding your inner compass

Module 6: Sacred Masculine: Integration and loving what is

Each week will be 90-min. phone or computer interface - one hour teaching, thirty minutes Q & A (email questions for those not able to attend live).

  • You will receive practical tools to be more present to life.
  • More able to respond to the feminine with respect and curiosity.
  • Emotions will become part of life rather than something to get rid of, they are gifts.
  • You will be reminded of your own inner guidance that is centered in your heart and your body, that has always been there.


Pay-what-you-can sliding scale (full price $275)

All material will be recorded and available to download for future reference. You will receive a downloadable material and weekly meditative practices to support your integration of the teaching.