My work supports people coming home to the body, emotions and sensations that lead us.

The stories we store in our cells dictate our experience in life. Conscious or unconscious we are being led around by our past.

The body actually lives in the present moment and can not lie. 

When we give attention to that which wants to be free in us, we give a path for liberation of everything that has kept us from our true and authentic expression.

This is simple, yet takes a level of awareness that most of us weren’t given tools or modeling for.

We have been taught to suppress and ignore our body and its natural intelligence.

Turning toward what is happening gives us information and an illuminated path to awaken inside our own skin.

I have spent decades working with my own traumas and limitations to understand from an empirical lens what it means to allow aliveness and real-time resolution for that which inevitably occurs in our lives.

I have studied with many highly trained and very wise teachers. All have given me direction of where to place my own attention and how to point others in the direction that gives the most effective healing and release. This gives consistent opportunity for the energy that has been stored to become fuel for the lives we want and know are available.

It is in a practice of slowing down and being kind that we find our own path.

My work is very unique with each person as I curate the work to precisely what is being called for from body and spirit.

If you are an entrepreneur (or aspire to be), one of my favorite things I get to do is support your fully expressed business take shape and form. 

I have been trained in and work with:

  • Breathwork

  • Business (online presence, copywriting, purpose, strategy)

  • Coaching: individual, couple, group, business

  • Creative Integration

  • Drama Triangle

  • Emotional Release Work

  • Intuitive Healing

  • Meditation

  • Mindfulness Practices

  • Movement, Dance

  • Shamanic Healing

  • Lucid Embodiment - practices to bring a renewed aliveness

  • TRE - Tension and Trauma Release Exercises


Lucid Embodiment

The body is constantly seeking balance. If a constriction occurs in one location the body finds balance by shifting another. 

We are full of stories and moments that constrict our natural fluidity and ability to heal. We get stuck. And then we forget that we are stuck. 

Lucid Embodiment is unraveling the stories that live inside our cells to let our spirit have space. This relationship between the thing that animates us, the soul or 21 grams as some have called it, and the physical body is embodiment.

This is the ability and willingness to feel our way, intuitively and viscerally in life rather than think our way. 

This work is about freedom. Our bodies want to tell the stories, to resolve them for ourselves and for those we come from. Stories are passed down from one generation to another and culturally we are steeped in these stories. When we liberate them it changes something very primal and innate. 

It can free us to move as life moves us. As spirit moves us. It is a true liberation that prepares us for opportunities to show up and participate in a more transparent and deeply authentic way. 

Most have spent years in subtle and gross ways seeking approval, avoiding intimacy or attempting to mold ourselves to belong. Not only are the multitude of small and larger traumas constricting our natural expression and creative genius, but on top of all of that we beat ourselves up, worst of all, for not being what we think we should be. 

The word trauma can feel reserved for those coming home from war or living through domestic violence, but in truth we all have experienced trauma to our systems.

The stories we carry are this trauma. Physical, emotional, religious, generational, cultural, too many to count and identify.

That is the beauty of Lucid Embodiment, you do not have to tell one story at a time. The intelligence of the body knows, given the guidance and encouragement, how to tell many stories at once to at last be free from the constrictions they have bound us inside of. 

When fear is the driving force, then defense is the predominant action.

Defending our bodies, sex, emotions, ideas, beliefs, etc. takes so much energy. It is actually rejuvenating to respond and be connected and available this brings forth the infinite life force. This is sovereignty. The ability to respond to what is happening in real-time. Not save it for later.

Once we allow the stories of fear, trauma and conformity out, then we can speak and live the story as it is happening. To create rather than defend. 

The greater the number of unresolved untold stories the greater the constriction and mounting imbalances the body needs to focus on and attempt to level out in one way or another. 

This consumptive cycle keeps us buying more than we need, treating ourselves unkindly, disconnecting from life in depression because we are not in motion with our true energy and expression. 

We look outward to tell us who we are rather than be self-referenced. 

This work initiates a deep and lasting relationship between spirit and body. It gives permission for the body to do what it wants to do rather than what it’s told to do. 

The power found in the depths of this cultivation is a living and growing mindfulness that listens to the body and welcomes what is there.

It is a simplicity that most babies are born with. Cry when you need to cry. Laugh when it arises. Ask for what you need and want. Trust your falls as much as your steps forward. It is unlearning.

God speaks

You, sent out beyond your recall,
go to the limits of your longing.
Embody me.

Flare up like flame
and make big shadows I can move in.

Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror.
Just keep going. No feeling is final.
Don’t let yourself lose me.

Nearby is the country they call life.
You will know it by its seriousness.

Give me your hand.
— Rilke