Valerie is everything she says she is and more. She has used her skills and gifts to help move me forward while accepting who I am combined with the vision of who I am becoming. She has shown through her work the value of active surrender and letting go. I recommend Valerie to anyone who is seeking a happier and richer life. –B.D., Louisville, KY


In my life Valerie, you are a God send, and I know it is to grow me to become what I am destined to be.  I receive that whole heartedly. –A.M., Louisville, KY


Thank you again for another heart-opening, soul-lifting experience.  I never fail to feel transformed after spending time with you, and I am very grateful. –L.S., Louisville, KY


Thank you so much for leading and empowering us. I love you and truly appreciate your gifts and how you share them in such a way that allows for openness and change. I want to send the whole world to you for healing. –T.H., Louisville, KY                                                                             

Valerie's wisdom comes directly from the ancients. Her insights & guidance are far reaching & span across the valley between the body & soul, brIdgIng any gaps of dIsconnect & facilitating immediate & miraculous alignment wIth pure source. This is certainly can't be missed! If you want truth, inspiration, clarity & all the while being bathed in the healing waters of love.. give Valerie a call. –F.S., Ft. Myers, FL

Valerie is the real deal.  I say this as someone who tends to be skeptical of the conventional "New Age" repertoire...  But Valerie is different.  She feels "pure" to me.  The love she expresses/embodies is not corny or inauthentic:  it is real.  I see/feel her as someone who has a deep well of experience, self-work, and knowledge; someone with access to "the Mystery." In short (because I could go on and on!):  she has really helped me.  I feel incredibly lucky to have found her (and in my very own town!).  If you are at all curious, and/or if you are open to (or longing for) new possibilities in your life, don't hesitate--go see her!  You never know what wonderful things might happen.....–M.B., Louisville, KY


Valerie is one of the most gifted healers I have encountered. I have had the opportunity of working with her in a meditation circle, the open Breathworks sessions, a couple's session and in individual sessions. In the many years of working with numerous healers and therapists, I have never had more a direct or deeper level of healing. Valerie's level of compassion is sincerely authentic. She is always fully present and connected with what I need to hear and receive. Her healing goes far beyond the individual encounter; she reaches into the heart and engraves upon it messages that continually inspire and heal my soul. The tools that accompany her sessions are intuitively selected for an even greater and more meaningful remedy. She divines the exact music and guides to accompany me on my healing journeys. An encounter with Valerie truly is a journey, a lovingly guided excursion to the heart. She is a trustworthy and visionary guide. –S.K., Louisville, KY


Filled with so much gratitude and immense lightness - you are a gifted healer! Thank you!! –L.G., Louisville, KY


Your work is so beautiful. –G.S., Maui


I can't tell you how grateful I am for your presence in my life. Thank you again for being amazing, wonderful, YOU! What a blessing you've been!! –R.I., Louisville, KY


The time I spent was priceless, and a new beginning. Simply put thanks to you, and I look forward to spending more time in your presence. –A.M., Louisville, KY


Thank you!!  Still in awe of my experience, and I am still being ministered to by the Spirit that was dwelling among us.  Right now I feel full, and I feel free.  I am so thankful God caused our paths to cross.  Sunday was truly an end to areas of darkness in my life and new life that was already in me came alive.  I am so grateful!! –A.M., Louisville, KY


I am very grateful for you and your unique and precious gifts that provide the space to transform into a swimmer and to share the deep with those who are willing to swim. –B.D., Louisville, KY


What if we don’t find safety and love in the usual ways?  What do we do if we can no longer conceal our true selves?  Where do we turn if our quilt begins to unravel?  To me, the answer is Valerie.   Like a sister with extraordinary insight, Valerie has helped me find the courage to tear out my seams, expose my rough edges, and remake myself as the person I was born to be. –C.C., Louisville, KY


I can only thank you again. The rational part of me, and the pre-yoga life of me can't grasp things like an ability to sense other people's energy or a healing touch, but I know you have an unusual ability to awaken in people things present but still in need of external cultivation.

I am grateful as always for your presence, your serenity, and your ability to share it with others. I know I see you rarely, but you always have an extraordinary impact on me. –A.C., Louisville, KY


I've decided to commit to practicing yoga. I find it helps with my serenity and is a good physical challenge, too! As an example, Sunday night I was having trouble sleeping and felt this urge to meditate outside. So at 1:30am I was sitting on the deck in the beginning centering position under the stars and clouds meditating until I felt better, a much better choice than tossing and turning in bed! It was very helpful. Thanks for encouraging me. You are a blessing in my life. –D.D., Louisville, KY


I can't believe your visit here today! I feel like a magical being swirled through my house and started things on an amazing path. Thank you so much for your support and your insight and your generosity. And thank you for your certainty that my work is important. You are such a beautiful gift. –C.W., Louisville, KY


Valerie, I can't tell you how much appreciated today.  It was one of those life-changing experiences for me.  I came in with what I thought my definition of "letting go" was, and discovered that I needed to let go of much more.  I dug VERY deeply into my heart...much further than I expected to go.  I was amazed by what I saw and experienced.
So, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my newly opened heart.  Of course, there is still a journey to make; but a critical first step has been taken. You have truly made a difference in my life, and I just wanted to let you know that. –A.D., Louisville, KY


Thank you for being the catalyst for this change in me!  I look forward to many other beautiful awakenings as I breathe with you in the future! –S.K., Louisville, KY


Thanks so much for my session today. I felt so much better - more at peace. You are a special lady. –T.N., Louisville, KY


Thank you so much for the phone session last night.  I am amazed at how you could be so in touch with me and my energy from clear across the country.  The connection was as strong as if you were in the room with me, other than I had to speak more loudly than usual. :)   Mind boggling! –K.C., Louisville, KY


Valerie embodies the powerful healing nature of the Divine feminine.  Her clear insight into the source of issues and how specific she is helps awaken and inspire change in the body.  She is humble, passionate, full of grace, and a beautiful gift to this world. I'd recommend her to anyone who is in need of understanding more clearly who they are and looking to seek a personal guide on the path of life. –Wendy De Rosa, Intuitive Healer


You are a wonder. A BEAUTY. A powerful Priestess, keen observer, divine alchemist, conjurer extraordinaire,  weaver of worlds, celebrant of those you love and work with, Shamanic Breeze, x-ray visionaire (Yes, I know I just made that word up. Works, doesn't it? : ) of highest potential futures and outcomes, synergist and much, much more. I am celebrating your existence on this planet and in my life. All love your way.......–Shantam, Middletown, CA


Valerie, thank you so much for your support.  You are magnificent at identifying the areas that I am stuck on and giving me guidance that is exactly in line with my own thoughts of how it should be.  To be able to have someone to discuss it with is a tremendous value to me because I have no one else whom I can share that vision with and who sees the same vision.

So I am just feeling incredible right now knowing we are on the same team. It is like therapy and so you are worth every penny you ask for. Thank you so much. –A.A., Middletown, CA


THANK YOU for the simplicity that you have added to my life. I really enjoy your energy, you are a very caring and unique woman. –J.T., Louisville, KY


I was thinking of you and the session we had months back... reflecting... the work we did enabled me to release and accept certain energies into my life that manifested eventually into a loving relationship... thank you, sister for sharing your healing wisdom and heart. –S.H., Louisville, KY


Valerie, just wanted to thank you again for a very powerful day. Thank you for our individual work but just as important, for helping us strengthen our group bond with each other. Through your facilitation, I can now SEE each of the other women in a deeper and more authentic way, and hopefully they can SEE me more clearly as well. Thank you for being so in tune with Spirit and for sharing your gifts and your Being with us today. –A.M., Louisville, KY


This workshop has been the single most powerful workshop I've ever attended. Throughout this 6 months I have changed from an aggressive female primarily running frantically after love to a soft, loving woman who is (without action) allowing love to flood through me. I'm so grateful to finally live the relaxed, receptive, trusting way of the Divine Feminine. –A.K., Irvine, CA


I have never had such an enchanting, comforting, and healing experience. The soothing radiance of your gentle, intuitive hands set me into a trusting place of knowing that I was here with you to open and explore deep inside. Your tender voice beckoned me to look deep inside for my answers as you guided my steps. In that glorious time with you much was revealed to me and has stayed with me ever since. How do I describe such a powerful experience? Quite simply: The gifts you bring are extraordinary and your devotion to the care of your client is a beautiful gift and loving act of service. You empower others to transcend their limitations. Louisville, KY

I can feel parts of my body unlocked and flowing in a way I have never felt. And I recall often that statement you made at the beginning of my work about how we begin in this world perfectly. That thought created a massive shift in my perception of myself....I see my place now. You reminded me of my place. Louisville, KY


Your prayerful touch and strength made some subtle and powerful changes in my life.  I'm not the type to travel and have visuals, but you have opened me up and placed some unconditional love in me that I have not felt for so long - it is a healing that continues to build. Louisville, KY

I am still having positive effects from our work.  Thank you for your healing touch. You have a real gift. Louisville, KY

You made our container so safe that I could go deep and get important insights.  You have such a tender and huge open heart that you are willing to offer to me. I feel that you and me and the healing spirits rearranged my molecules and broke my heart open in a new way. Louisville, KY


Valerie, you are bridging worlds (healing + commerce) in your business consulting.–B.S., Sausalito, CA


The gifts you bring are extraordinary and your devotion to the care of your client is a beautiful gift and loving act of service. You empower others to transcend their limitations. Louisville, KY