True Nourishment: harnessing the gifts of scarcity

For women

(all material will be recorded and available directly after if you can not attend live you will not miss anything)


This 7-week online program will give practical tools and teachings to reclaim your rightful place at the center of your life. Each week you will receive a 90-min. group teaching session including Q&A. You will receive weekly practices and focuses to integrate and live into a new way of being and acting.

Most of us are starving ourselves. 

As women we judge ourselves and push ourselves to do better, make more, look better, perform at all costs. How often do you feel resentful that others have more? More sex, money, time, connection, clients, ease, and on and on. We compare our inner lives with other people’s outer lives and use it to make ourselves feel less than. This brings the feeling of scarcity. There isn’t enough. Of anything. I am not enough. In truth this is a misperception.

We’ve been putting our attention outward and have forgotten to actually listen to our own desires. Not just sexual, although that is a powerful place we can starve ourselves as well, desire as in the small and large things that arise in us that we want. We either give them life with our attention and voice or we starve them with our disconnection and abandoning habits. This easily turns into martyrdom and being a victim to life.

What if our satiation and fulfillment were actually in service to those around us?

When we are filled up, then, as is our true nature, we give from our abundance and overflow. This isn’t new to most of us, yet the subtle qualities of making others more important than we are is something we have inherited from many generations of women. That our place is to serve others before ourselves. To take the leftovers of whatever situation we are in. This kept us safe in the past for certain. But today it is our willingness to ask for what we desire, take up space and take our rightful place that will continue to shift the balance back to thriving and opulence for all of us. 

It is our own loving attention that we are longing for.

During this course we will bring light into the dark and forgotten places. We will embrace that which has been keeping the treasure of our own innocence and brilliance in safe care for so long.

We will utilize ritual, prayer, breath, teaching and exquisite attention to create a fragrant field of love to gracefully return to the nurturing nourishment we are craving so deeply.

Through foundational communication skills, healing and mindfulness practices you will remember (or experience for the first time) what your own brilliant attention feels like. This shift can feel like a huge leap or a subtle reconnection, but the outcome is an new relationship with self that guides you home to yourself. It allows space for your gifts and desires to have a central place in your life. This actually supports those around us in ways we could never have known until we experience it. 

Module 1: The Drama Triangle: getting lost in the story

Module 2: Communication for Life

Module 3: Allowing Emotions without Loosing Your Way

Module 4: It’s Not About Gender: understanding the gifts of masculine and feminine energy

Module 5: Desire vs. Force: how to know and ask for what you want

Module 6: Receptivity: allowing life to support you

Module 7: Embody Yourself: integration and practice

Each week will be 90-min. phone or computer interface - one hour teaching, thirty minutes Q & A (email questions for those not able to attend live).

The investment:

Sliding scale $275-$375 (at the $375 level you will receive a one-to-one consultation with me)

All material will be recorded and available to download for future reference. You will receive a downloadable material and weekly meditative practices to support your integration of the teaching.