When I travel I do in-person events. Below are the three I have recently offered. Please opt in to this list to know when and where they are happening. 


Women's 3-hour Retreat in-person 

(none scheduled at this time)

It really is our time.

I can feel this. The signs are obviously all over our world, but there is something inside that is moving and unleashing itself, moment by moment more and more free.

This past year has taught me about my strengths and my limitations. I’ve been shown beautiful reflections and ones I haven’t wanted to own as my own. But I have stayed with myself. Slowed down to the pace of my slowest parts, the ones that need something very specific. I have learned to feel these places in others in an even more nuanced way.

I have learned to feel my way in a more embodied way.
This retreat is to support your freedom, your power, your voice, your embodiment and your sensitivities.

We will move, be still, breathe, communicate and see where we are led – how love wants to move us.

"Just wanted to let you know how powerful that group session was! Possibly the deepest, most effective session I've had with you over the years- still feeling the effects. I so value all the work I've had with you, individual, on the phone, the women's circles, and Breathwork. Thank you for your insight, gifts, and presence." –A.V.
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Transformational Breathwork

(none scheduled at this time)All the tools are available, come and get some clarity, focus and renewed energy and peace.

Breathwork is a powerful, safe, healing process that focus on opening the heart, clearing negativity. Intentional breathing assists one with connecting to higher states of awareness and a direct embodiment of your higher self.

Through a simple, focused breath, engaging music and devotional intention, imbalances can be addressed by your own attention. Feel the support of a safe container created to bring forth deep peace, healing and change.

"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask What makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."                       
–Howard Thurman

Men's 3-hour Retreat 

(none scheduled at this time)

This retreat will support you in letting go of patterns that have kept you bound to old ways of thinking and acting so your true self can shine freely.

The very things that our Western culture has told men that is expected "act like a man" "suck it up" vulnerability as weakness, these are the doors to your freedom. You can relax and let life lead rather than feel the pressure of having to plan every moment of your life.

I have been leading a men’s group for the past several years which has taught me the power of listening and being with men in a new way, learning a new language, truly. Through my mentoring and intuition I am able to guide and bring the power and sensitivity of the feminine in a way that can be heard and let in.

It can be challenging to hear a woman when in an intimate relationship. And vice versa. So this context has shown me how to bring myself and slow down enough to hear what the masculine needs to say and exchange the gifts that are naturally there.

We will use guided meditation, group mentoring and as many tools needed to unleash you for this new version of you that is asking for support and witness. It would be my honor to have you.

"My life has truly changed because of my long term relationship with Valerie Kausen. She is transparent and her humility and courage to be open and vulnerable inspire many people from different walks of life.

I was an angry, unhappy man before I met Valerie. She is gifted and has many resources available to her and so to others. Valerie has demonstrated what love and service looks like.I am no longer an angry man and I am as happy as
I make up my mind to be. I am thankful that God introduced me to Valerie and that Valerie introduced me to the many faces of a living, loving God."